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Bike Skill Clinics

For those intrepid adventurers that want to learn how to mountain bike, learn new techniques, improve their mountain biking skills or to challenge themselves with technical riding progressively and safely, Mountain Biking Marin has the perfect mountain bike skill clinics.

Our clinics combine skills theory and practice through technical riding appropriately customized for you to speed up your progress. Mountain Biking Marin skill clinics include cross country, freeride and downhill riding instruction. The riding areas for instruction are determined by the technical ability and learning objectives of participants.

In a fun and relaxed environment, we teach bike skill techniques from basics on how to mount and dismount your bike, how to balance your body on flats, how to go uphill and downhill to more advance techniques including pedaling, braking, gearing/shifting, climbing and descending, switchbacks, and even "air techniques" for those more intrepid riders wanting to learn how to launch, drop, and jump. We also cover trail etiquette and basic bike fit and maintenance.

Skill Sets I, II, III

Our bike skill clinics cover the following three Skill Sets:

Skill Set I

  • Bike fitting
  • What to bring
  • Basic bike maintenance
  • Mounting and dismounting
  • Pedaling and body positioning
  • Braking: front vs. back/1 or 2 fingers?
  • Gearing/shifting
  • Basic climbing and descending techniques
  • Basic cornering and switchbacks techniques (uphills and downhills) on both fire roads and singletracks (arms, legs and pedal positions)

Skill Set II

  • Skill Set I
  • Fire road and singletrack riding
  • Advanced cornering and switchbacks techniques (uphills and downhills) on both fire roads and singletracks (arms, legs and pedal positions)
  • Advanced climbing and descending techniques
  • Basic front and back wheel lifts
  • Basic launching and drop techniques
  • Basic rolling down technique
  • Looking ahead to determine the riding lines
  • Learning how to fall

Skill Set III

  • Skill Sets I & II
  • Handling tricks: wheelies, bunny hops, front & back wheel lifts
  • Riding challeging obstacles: rocks, logs, stairs, drops, "skinnies", rock gardens, roots, ruts
  • Dirt jumping: launching ramps, table tops, single jumps, double jumps
Dana demonstrating body positioning when descending

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