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Mountain Biking Marin
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Bike Tours - Customized Routes

We offer combinations of pre set bike tour routes, bike tours built up to your particular desires and abilities.

Mountain Biking Marin offers individual and group guided bike tours. As well, we offer special team-building corporate bike tours customized to the requirements and objectives of the event.

Customized bike tour routes include besides Marin county the following areas: Annadale, Calistoga, Rockville, Auburn, Pacifica, Santa Cruz, Tahoe, and Downieville.

Bike tours include cross country, freeride and downhill riding. Beginner, intermediate, and advance tours are based on technical ability, fitness level, and riding preferences of participants.

Mountain Biking Marin classifies beginner, intermediate and advance bike tours based on the combination of two factors: technical and climbing levels.

Technical level (1 - 10) is based on how challenging the trails are to ride due to obstacles (roots, rocks, drops, etc) and trail contour (wide or narrow switchbacks, wide or narrow trails, etc). 1 for the easiest trails and 10 the most difficult trails.

Climbing level (easy, moderate, strenuous) is based on how steep the trails are or gradients levels. Easy for the flattest trails and strenuous for the very steep trails.

Select your levels by filling out our Assessment Form or contacting us and we will design the best bike tour for you!

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Oat Hill Trail, Calistoga

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