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Mountain Biking Marin
The Ultimate Bike Experience

Mountain Biking Marin Guest Instructors

Mountain Biking Instructor

Beth Koppe
Beth Koppe is a Downhill, Mountain Cross and Super D racer in the Expert Women 30-34 category. In 2005 she became the US National Champion DH. She also placed 5th in the NORBA Nationals Super D; 3rd in the NORBA Nationals Mountain Cross; 1st at Infineon Cougar Mountain Classic DH; 2nd at the NMBS Finals DH; 2nd at Mountain Cross and 2nd at DH Sea Otter Classic.

Beth coaches downhill and enjoys working with women in descending techniques.

Beth is originally from Vermont, currently residing in the Tahoe area where she rides her mountain and dirt bikes when she is not working as a carpenter. She is also a DJ focusing on mysogyny free hip-hop and breakbeats.

Mountain Bike Trainer

Cheryl Stockton
Cheryl Stockton is an cross country racer. She placed 2nd at the Downieville Classic in Cross-Country sport category and she's been on the podium at Sea Otter a few times. She has biked in Italy for 6 days covering over 35,000 feet of climbing hut to hut in the Dolomites, and in France covering many miles in 16 days. Cheryl usually rides trails near Livermore where she resides including Pleasanton Ridge, Redwood Park and Skeggs Point. She also rides Tamarancho and all around Marin. Other areas ridden include: Moab, Durango, Fruita - Kokopelli Trail, Tahoe, Downieville, and Santa Cruz.

Cheryl has been coaching in both mountain bike and road cycling clinics for over 7 years. She provides a friendly environment for women mountain bikers giving them inspiration to make their mountain biking experience better. Beginners to experts find her informative, understanding, enthusiastic, and encouraging.

Mountain Biking

Dolores Mosqueda
Dolores has been mountain biking since 1996 and really enjoys the sport as a lifestyle. Dolores believes in enjoying the ride and having fun! She has raced XC at Sea Otter Classic and placed 4th in the DH sport women category at the Downieville Classic. She says: "I just love riding! Whether it's on my cruiser, road bike or especially on my mountain bike! To me it's truly a lifestyle and I really enjoy seeing more women get into the sport! Get inspired!"

In her spare time, Dolores races go karts and designes cool sport clothing.

Mountain Bike Johanna Weintrager
Johanna Weintrager is a professional downhill (DH) and cross country (XC) racer whose incredible riding skills combined with her dedication to coaching and teaching place her among the best mountain biking instructors. Her coaching experience and enthusiasm will bring every participant to the next level toward excelling in both XC and DH techniques. From basic balancing and body positioning to dirt jumping and drops riding techniques. Johanna resides in Fernie, Canada where she teaches XC and DH riding as well as guides mountain bike tours. Johanna is also a rock climber and yoga instructor, enjoys road cycling and is a ski instructor during winter.

Mountain Bike Training

Julia Violich
Julia Violich has been biking for 16+ years. She raced professionally for several years in the US and also in Europe. Most of her racing has been in the endurance discipline. She raced Leadville 100, Vail Ultra, and E-100 in Utah to name a few. She has placed top five on those events and has gotten second many many times. She also raced in Europe's TransAlp Challenge twice, mountain biking through Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and Austria.

Julia resides in Marin County and has two cute little boys. She now races in the Expert Master category and was the 2008 US National Champion. She was also 2nd in the world in her age category 40+ in 2008.

Julia has been coaching cycling over the past 8 years, both as a Luna Chix Ambassador and as a NorCal High School MTB League coach. She especially likes teaching women about the sport.

Mountain Bike Instructor Karen Kaner
Karen Kaner is an avid mountain biker who loves technical cross country and downhill riding. She has been mountain biking for more than 10 years and raced two seasons in both XC and DH categories.

Karen loves to ride and help others with technical skills. Her incredible sense of humor and supportive spirit creates a safety environment that promotes self-confidence on her fellow riders during rides and clinics.

Karen resides in Berkeley, California and is a professional photographer.

Mountain Bike Clinic Rachel Lloyd
Rachel Lloyd is a professional cyclist with more than 10 years of racing. She was the 2008 US Super D National Champion. She races in the Cross Country, Super D, Short Track and Downhill mountain bike categories as well as Cyclocross and Road racing. Her most recent victories in the mountain bike category are: 1st place US National Championship Super D; 1st place Downieville Classic DH; 1st Place Downieville Classic XC and Downieville Classic All Mountain Champion; and 1st Place Tamarancho XC Invitational Race.

Rachel's coaching combines her technical bike handling skills with her fitness training knowledge. She has been offering skills clinics for several years.

Rachel is also a certified massage technician and resides in Marin County, CA. In her spare time she races quadruple Dipsea events to keep her legs moving.

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